Dimensions has Gort it! Say Boston sci-fi judges…

by MJ Wayland

By Helen Cox

Independent director and producer Sloane U’Ren and Ant Neely have returned from the 37th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival with one of the coolest awards in the industry: The Gort Award. Every year this highly desirable statuette is awarded to the best film that screens at the festival. Previously it has been awarded to Duncan Jones’s Moon.

Dimensions: A Line, A Loop, A Tangle of Threads is a British period drama that revolves around a scientist’s obsession with going back in time to revisit a moment from his childhood.   The film stars Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Inbetweeners, and the upcoming A Fantastic Fear of Everything), Camilla Rutherford (Gosford Park, ‘Rome’, The Darjeeling Limited), and Patrick Godfrey (The Duchess, The Remains of the Day, A Room With A View).

U’Ren and Neely sold their house to make their film and this award is the culmination of many personal sacrifices. Their triumph is proof that even with a limited budget success is possible if attention is paid to the primal elements of storytelling, such as plot and character development.  This is undoubtedly a  heartening message in the 3D-driven, effects-obsessed climate the industry is currently operating in. The film will be screening in March at the Vilnius International Film Festival, and in May at Sci-Fi-London.

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