Syderstone reopened and the Ghosts of Old Somerset

by MJ Wayland

In June 1833, the small, quiet Norfolk village of Syderstone hit the national headlines after a reported six weeks of strange occurrences. Centred on Syderstone Parsonage, the home of Reverend Stewart, there are reports of violent knockings and unusual noises witnessed by the family and visitors to the house.  Although I haven’t found any reports of any apparitions or ghosts, rather the phenomena seems to manifest as shrieking and fearsome banging.  As I dissect the case I discover an early ghost hunt by “respectable gentlemen” actually turns out to be noisy onlookers from the neighbourhood – most of which disagree on the phenomena they witnessed.  I hope to bring a summary of the case based on the original reports and media comments of the time very soon. Stay posted.

Syderstone Church – behind this church once stood the haunted Parsonage, sadly now demolished

Having finished the editing of “Ghosts of Old Lancashire” I am nearing completion of “Ghosts of Old Somerset”, second in the series of highlighting long lost cases of alleged ghostly activity.  I have found these books to be a highly rewarding personal experience as I uncover incredible hauntings many of which I have never read before.  The “Ghosts of Old Somerset” is proving to be an diverse selection of real ghost stories, I am currently researching the “Fiddington haunted house” a tale of a double murder and ghostly visitations.  At first the tale seemed little more that folklore but as I pick apart the story it seems it is based on truth.  I been able to locate the building in question based on the descriptions of this small Somerset village and its strange haunting.

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