Real Christmas Ghost Stories

real christmas ghost stories - true life ghostsChristmas is such a paradoxical season, on one hand its a time of family gatherings, the giving of presents and for some the celebration of Jesus Christ – a season of love.

Yet, especially in Britain it is a time of increased curiosity into the strange and weird stories that literally haunt us. Earlier this year I decided to explore and evaluate some of the incredible ghost stories that litter the archives of libraries. Out of the hundreds of anecdotes and references that I uncovered I have brought to you a collection of Christmas ghost stories from as close as the original sources as possible.

As well as stories that have not seen print in over a hundred years, I have been able to bring new light to two classic cases, Calverley Old Hall and the East Barnet Hauntings. The former is an incredibly haunting tale of a small village in Yorkshire said to be haunted by a child murderer and the latter, is a tale from more recent times in which a knight in armour terrorises a London park at Christmas.

So whether you are looking for a few short, sharp shocks or wanting to know more about some of Christmas’s more ghastly hauntings, then this book is for you.

Chapters include:
A Dartmoor Ghost
Haunted House at Kilburn
The ghost hunting miners
The Flying Hearse
The Squire’s Ghost
The Return of Geoffrey de Mandeville
An Irish Tale
The Boy and the White Horse
A Christmas Ghost Hunt
Two London Christmas Ghosts
Old Pat
Colonel Sidley’s Christmas Ride
Death by Fright
The Haunted Gibbet
The Calverley Haunting
Christmas tricks of a Monmouthshire Ghost
Murder in Stoke Poges
The Ghost of a French Lady
Taddington Hall Stables
A Dublin Ghost Story
The Green Lady of Wemyss
A Sermon for the Spirits
The Haunted Road
The Ghostly Dr. Astley