Writer and Author

For the last twenty years MJ has investigated and researched hundreds of paranormal incidents and experiences, appearing in local and national newspapers, radio and TV as well as regularly consulting on television and film projects across the globe.

He has also provided paranormal research, content and articles for the following:

Daily Mail
Daily Telegraph
The Sun
The Mirror
The People
The Guardian
Daily Star
Syfy.com / Syfy.co.uk (content provider)
Fate and Fortune Magazine
Chat Its Fate
Paranormal Magazine
Mysterymag.com (Editor for twelve years)
Spooky Isles


UFO Report 1991/1992 by Timothy Good
Pit Ghosts, Padfeet and Poltergeists by Liz Linahan (1994)
The Howden Moor Incident co-authored with Dr David Clarke (1999)
The UFO’s that never were by Jenny Randles, Dr David Clarke and Andy Roberts (2000)
Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology by George M. Eberhart (2002)
The York Ghost Walk by MJ Wayland (2009)
The Derby Ghost Walk by MJ Wayland (2010)
Tales of the Polden Hill by MJ Wayland and Frances H Wood (2011)
Monsters of Virginia: Mysterious Creatures in the Old Dominion by LB Taylor (2012)
Real Christmas Ghost Stories by MJ Wayland (2012)
50 Real Ghost Stories by MJ Wayland (2012)
50 Real Ghost Stories 2 by MJ Wayland (2012)
York’s Hidden Hauntings by MJ Wayland (2013)

50 Real American Ghost Stories by MJ Wayland (2013)

They Walk At Night : Real British Ghost Stories (2015)