Tales of the Polden Hills

somerset ghosts, witches and legendsA revised edition of the 1922 classic “Tales of the Polden Hills” – seven Somerset based tales of ghosts, witches, omens, strange dreams and legends. Discover the hauntings of Street House, witchcraft at Ivythorn farm, a strange dream at Huntspill and a lot more. Described at the time as “Weird Stories, all substantially true.”, this edition contains new material from respected paranormal researcher MJ Wayland (author of Amazon paranormal best – seller “50 Real Ghost Stories”)

“Sometimes as a researcher and collector of books you discover the most marvellous books by accident. And in this case I stumbled on Frances Harriott Wood’s Tales of the Polden Hills.  While researching the subterranean legends in and around Glastonbury I discovered a reference to her book and the haunting of Street House – the story of a white dog omen and tunnels that led Glastonbury’s Abbey really intrigued me so I had to buy it!

I wasn’t disappointed with her book at all.

Seven perfect stories of encounters with witches, Somerset ghosts, omens as well as the odd traditional Somerset folktale, I realised that this was a very special book and sadly it hadn’t received the recognition it deserved.  Not only that but the tales of Street House, Ivythorn and Huntspill are unique to this book and as of yet I cannot find them appearing in any other publication.”

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