Miners refuse to work in haunted mine

by MJ Wayland

In 1902 the Yorkshire Evening Post reported from Glyncorrwg Colliery near Port Talbot in Glamorganshire after miners went on strike due to the appearance of a ghost.

In July 1902 over three hundred miners refused to descend the mine after some of the miners reported the extraordinary story of witnessing the ghostly figure of a woman waving a lighted lamp in the tunnels.  Some of the miners claimed to have heard a woman’s screams and others heard blood-curdling cries for help and sounds of a rock fall, and seen flashes of light.

The Yorkshire Evening Post published, “They are convinced that the mine is haunted, and nothing will at present induce them to go down.  At the least the strange sights and sounds said to have been heard are believed to presage some impending disaster..The danger of an inrush of water from an abandoned mine adjoining is hinted at.”

As of yet I cannot find if the miners returned (which is likely) and what encouraged them to return. Keep posted!

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